State Hospital Project - Filming Artifacts for Documentary B-Roll in Spring Arbor, MI

Shooting for the State Hospital Project documentary film - a look into our process for filming artifacts (old photographs, books, documents, etc.) for Documentary B-Roll: As promised in an earlier post, we recently returned to Spring Arbor to film archival stills and other materials.

The "rig" for filming artifacts is a Sony FS-700 Camera with Canon Lens -- attached to a Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly -- mounted on top of a Manfrotto 536 Tripod w/504HD Head.  Got it?  A SmallHD DP6 monitor is used to evaluate composition and focus.  Pics below:

The FS-700 camera slides laterally across the length of the Pocket Dolly.  The Pocket Dolly has a dampening knob that increases resistance along the slider track for slower camera moves.  The composition of the shot can be adjusted by zooming in or out with the camera lens or by panning the tripod left or right.  Perspective can be manipulated by tilting the tripod head up or down or adjusting the height of the tripod legs.

Here are some still shots of the footage captured during this shoot: