Gamma Curve Comparison

Shooting for the State Hospital Project documentary film - Joshua Pardon compares test footage shot with the "Cine 1" and "Cine 4" Gamma settings on the Sony FS-700 camera.  Test footage was filmed during an interview shoot at Trattoria Stella in Traverse City, Michigan for this documentary film project.

This is *not* a technical comparison - this is an aesthetic comparison.

For a great technical explanation of Cinegammas on the FS-700, please check out Art Adams' Sony FS-700 Dynamic Presentation at Pro Video Coalition.

This article from on Understanding Gamma, Cinegamma, Hypergamma and S-Log addresses Cinegammas in a broader context.

Noah Yuan-Vogel has his own nLOG setting for the FS-700.  This is some higher-level stuff, so make sure to do some test shooting first before using these settings in the field.

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